Chinese Mountain

About Chinese Mountain:
(A simple puzzle game)

Moving strokes to form a Chinese mountain – 山, Chinese character for the word of mountain. Yeah, Chinese character 山(mountain) is derived from natural mountains. Want to know the pronunciation of 山(mountain) in Chinese? A female voice shows you how to speak this word 山(mountain) in Chinese.

Easy Steps Writing Chinese Characters


About this app:

If you are wondering how to write Chinese characters in easy steps, this app will help you.

Touching the screen with your finger, you will experience the easy steps writing Chinese characters with this app.

If you know how to draw dots, curves and lines (i.e. horizontal lines and vertical lines), then writing Chinese characters should be easy to you. Although Chinese characters could at first appear complex, with a firm understanding of the BASIC strokes and rules, Chinese writing is clear and concise. You will find (learn) the basic strokes and the basic rules - the order of strokes in this app so that you can become skilled in Chinese character writing. The app also show you how to writing numbers and some useful words.  

The app shows you:

  •  The basic strokes of Chinese writing (using one   character as an example)
     The basic rules of writing Chinese characters (there are examples for each rule)
    Some style samples (one character is used as an example for all styles)

*** In this app, you will learn the following in details (step-by-step) ***

  • Write numbers (Chinese characters)
    Write some useful words

You also have chance to use your finger touching the screen to practice all characters listed in above sections.

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